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My name is Corey Vaughan and I run Sub Box Designs. I design custom sound systems made specifically for your vehicle, speakers, listening goals and everything else. I specialize in subwoofer boxes but I have also designed plenty of other sound systems for boats, home theatres, and even portable Bluetooth boomboxes. All of my designs include 3D models and all the information you need to build your box yourself, or get some family and friends and make it a DIY project.
I am now also working with builders to have your custom box made and shipped to you, or picked up locally in a few locations in Georgia, USA. These completed boxes will be made to order so please message me if this is something you are looking for.

I really got into car audio when I was in high school with my first car. I was a teenager who wanted more and more bass and louder music. I made the very common mistake of buying subwoofers without knowing what I was doing, and then replacing them with bigger or better ones. I was chasing a better sound but I kept using prefab boxes and never getting the results I wanted. Once I learned about custom making my own boxes and putting in the time to do it right, I was running a single subwoofer in a tiny Mustang that had the loudest bass in my town.

Word got around and I started designing for other people, and my knowledge and skills only grew from there.

I got into car audio because it’s a passion for me. I searched around for the best designers and made it my goal to provide the best designs possible, at the most competitive price, while also getting them done quicker than anyone else. I do feel I have succeeded in that, and the countless happy customers remind me of that often. From a kid in his first car that wants to impress his friends with loud bass on a budget, to bass championship winners bringing home 1st place trophies with my designs, I know I am making an impact while sharing my passion.

You can follow my designs on Instagram: @SubBoxDesigns

You can also follow my other car related content on Instagram: @RideWithDanger

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