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The Architecture of Sound

4 12s
4th Order for 2 Sundown U-12s
2 FI BTL-NEO 12s
4th order for 6 12s
Dual subwoofer box
2 12s
2 sealed 12s
Truck box
2 Skar VFX 12s

As Seen On Motorhead Garage!

motorhead garage logo

Custom designs and custom built boxes!

Custom Subwoofer Box Designs

Welcome to SUB BOX DESIGNS. I design custom sound systems made specifically for you and your vehicle, speakers, listening goals and more. I specialize in subwoofer boxes but I have also designed plenty of other sound systems, including some for boats, home theatres, and even portable Bluetooth boomboxes. All of my custom designs include 3D models and all the information you need to build your box yourself, or get some family and friends and make it a DIY project.
I am now also working with builders to have your custom box made and shipped to you, or picked up locally in a few locations in Georgia, USA. 


Whether you are looking for a small box shaped to your trunk for saving space, or a large system ready to bring home some 1st place trophies, I have done it all and I am ready to help you get your custom design started today!

You can follow my designs on Instagram: @SubBoxDesigns
You can also follow my other car related content on Instagram: @RideWithDanger

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